Artist of the Month: Local Chief of Police & Craftsman Jim Sevey

Jim Sevey is a man who wears many hats. When he’s not training Nacogdoches Police Officers from his post as the current Chief of Police or traveling with his wife to visit their children and grandchildren, he’s pursuing his love of woodworking from his shop at home.

His shop, now named Hill Country Woodworks, is a dream realized. Jim articulated beautifully that there is nothing like feeling a finely sharpened hand plane or chisel cut into a piece of beautiful wood on its way to becoming someone's' treasure.

In the multitude of Jim’s endeavors, there remains an underlying theme of teaching and patience. From his very own youth, Jim shared that he was blessed to have adults who enjoyed passing down their skills, both life and technical, to young people, which is how he was introduced to woodworking. This led him to sell his first handmade pieces as a high school student and since then, he’s been pushing his own knowledge and boundaries throughout the years as he takes on new projects. And now, several years later, Jim has passed down the gift teaching patience through woodworking to his own sons who have taken a liking to creating their own handcrafted woodwork.

Much of Jim’s work is made from wood harvested in Texas - juniper, mesquite, cypress, oak, maple, and walnut - and if it’s not grown in Texas, he tries to purchase as much of it from sustainable sources in US as possible. He and his wife, Sherry, work hand in hand, with their beloved pets by their side, to design, create, and give personal touches to each piece of art. They both love the simple lines of Shaker-style furniture and enjoy reproducing historical pieces accurately with the same type of wood and joints the 200 year old originals used.


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